Dirdal Kai

City: Stavanger/Dirdal
Country: Norway
Organizer: Stavanger Dykkerklubb

There will be cake, coffee, underwater treasure hunt and very happy divers and landlubbers :D. Joint venture event with divers from at Stavanger Dykkerklubb, Havhesten Undervannsklubb, Sandnes og Jæren Undervannsklubb - Hommersåk and Rogaland Undervannsjakt & Fridykkerklubb. Everyone is invited, divers and landlubbers alike.


Contact persons

Name Email Phone
Henrik Øgård [email protected] 47303055
Endre Vingen Eide [email protected] 97775782
Vidar Skålevik [email protected] +4792467985
Nuenghatai Eiklid [email protected] 90260090

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