Diving center in Växjö Kronoberg that Educates, Serves, fills air, underwater jobs, Shop, Diving work, Diving certificate, Free diving Snorkeling, Diving trips, Excursions, Växjö Dyksport is so much more than "just" a diving center. Here you can experience and dive beyond all boundaries. Attend a course, boat and land dive or why not hang out on one of the trips we arrange. When you buy your equipment, we try it out with you. In this way, everything is specifically adapted to you and your needs. We fill air, service equipment and teach you to dive at all levels. Through the world's leading training organization in diving, Växjö Dyksport holds professional courses from beginners to instructors. We follow current CEN standards and safety requirements set at national and international level. This means, among other things, that we conduct courses with a smaller number of participants and apply Mastery Learning, which means that you do not pay anything extra if you need more theory, more pools or outdoor diving. We serve most brands such as Mares, Aqualung, Apeks, Seageal among much much more brands. Reper drysuits and wetsuits. Also sells Head swiming, Triathlon and swim run suits etc. Welcome to the store!

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Anders Håkansson [email protected] 47026820
Anders Håkansson [email protected] +4647026820

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