Tórshavnar Froskmannafelag


Tórshavnar Froskmannafelag, Torshavn Divers Association, was founded August 3 1957 and is the second oldest diving association in the Danish kingdom. Shortly after the St. Olaf’s Day national holidays in 1957 a couple of youths came together and founded Torshavn Diver’s Association. Some of these trailblazers are still active today. Early in the 1950’ies they started experimenting with diving. Their inspiration came from diving idols abroad. The divingsuit had yet to be invented and the progress made abroad in this field was slow to reach the Faroese waters. But these youths were undeterred by this. They wanted to dive! They began diving after car tires with snorkles in the harbour of Torshavn. These were used as lining to protect the quay side and would occasionally fall off. Back in those days there weren’t many cars, so used car tires weren’t as easy to come by compared with today. The divers would dive for the tires and sell them to the harbour authorities. The divers would also be compensated for other items of interest such as mooring ropes and other things that occasionally went overboard. Some years later the association was given an Oxygen machine from the CEO of the local shipyard at the time, Kjartan Mohr, who held these divers in high regard. At first the divers went no deeper than 12 meters. Their suit was woolen clothing, swimming trunks, a diver’s mask and flippers. German diving tables were used. These were “less strict” than the Danish diving tables. When the Oxygen machine was received there was basis for forming a diver’s association. August 3 1957 the assocation was formed. The assocation’s first ledger still exists. Here one can see that it cost 2 DKK to become a member of the assocation. Later the gas cylinders arrived. Large industrial gas cylinders filled with air were bought from Denmark which were then used to fill the diving tanks. Refilling was accomplished using a method called the Partial Pressure Method. When the industrial gas cylinders were empty they were shipped back to Denmark for refilling. It could take a long time before they returned which was frustrating for the eager divers. The association therefore sent an application to the local Government asking for financial support enabling them to buy a Bauer aircompressor. The application was granted.

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