Simons Town harbour or Long Beach, Simons Town

City: Cape Town
Country: South Africa
Organizer: Learn to Dive Today

Simons Town jetty, outside the Salty Sea Dog and Bertha's, or Long Beach if the tides aren't in our favour (no one wants to wade through knee deep quicksand for 300 metres in full kit after the dive)!

Results 2018

Divers: 3
Cold clear water, amazing clouds of fish fry, and tons of other divers (also doing Diversnight - False Bay Underwater Club)! An awesome evening, so great to see many of the local dive clubs coming together, scuba and freediving, in big numbers. Next year we’ll leave it to them to organise (which they do super well) and will tag along at the main event!


Contact persons

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Tony Lindeque gbalyvaqrdhr@tznvy.pbz +27768171099

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