City: Grimstad
Country: Norway
Organizer: Maskin og DykkerService

Gjestebrygge på Odden

Results 2018

Divers: 6
Heavy rain and increasing winds stopped some from attending. But the 6 in the water had a great dive. We all went down exactly 20:17 In Grimstad harbor but what a pity seeing all the garbage people dump. Probably about 10 shopping carts ++++ Driving the dive boat to Grimstad was nice and calm. But the trip back Was hard, amazing how fast the seas pick up and when it is pitch black well , it was a relief to tie up the boat at home. Let's hope for 20 next year and nice weather.


Contact persons

Name Email Phone
Ole Martin Lind cbfg@znfxvabtqlxxrefreivpr.ab 0047-48252188

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