Dirdal Båtforening

City: Dirdal
Country: Norway
Organizer: Gjesdal Dykkeklubb

There will be cake, coffee, happy divers and underwater hunting. Three tokens will be sunk, whoever finds the a token will receive the price the token represents.

Results 2018

Divers: 22
Very successful event. We were 22 divers in the water from four clubs. We got three visitors from Sandnes og Jæren Dykkerklubb in addition to the ones from Stavanger Dykkerklubb, Havhesten Undervannsklubb and Gjesdal Dykkeklubb. We had grilled sausages, coffe, non-alcoholic mulled wine, chocolate cake, carrot cake and tangerines. At most we were 27 people on shore, and 2 people in the boat. So a grand total of 51 people attending the event.


Contact persons

Name Email Phone
Ludvig F. Aarstad yhqivt@nnefgnq.bet +4748020259

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